While I’m primarily based in London, my work in TV production and as a photographer, takes me all over the UK. Most recently, I visited Manchester, where I attended an Untold Workshop. Our models, real couple Dylan and Joao were clad in cosy sweaters and scarves to keep them warm for this festive and romantic shoot. 

We started our day in Foundation Coffee House, where we got cosy coffee and cuddle shots. If you are visiting Foundation Coffee House, they make a delicious matcha latte! 

The lighting in the venue was soft and warm, which added to the cosiness.

We then wandered through the city streets, snapping loads of shots and poses. Dylan & Joao were amazing to work with. Their comfort in front of the camera, enthusiasm and willingness to take direction made them an absolute dream. 

Walking through Manchester, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the beautiful architecture. So many lovely old buildings with delicate masonry. It was the perfect cityscape backdrop. 

We ended the day at the Manchester Christmas market, with some festive shots. When the rain started, it didn't stop us from getting a few more steamy shots!

I had a great time at the Untold Workshop. If you get the chance, I highly recommend attending one of Esme's workshops. For more information about Untold Workshops, visit: Esme's Website or the Untold Workshop Instagram.

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