Regardless of whether you are visiting London, or if you’re a local, there are so many spots in London perfect for couples photos. If you are wanting some iconic London locations, which are also popular with tourists, here are my top three.

1. The Millenium Bridge

An amazing bridge with a gorgeous view of St. Paul’s Cathedral. If you are a bit shy, this might not be the location for you, as the bridge is always very busy. But if you don’t mind some prying eyes, you can get some beautiful, dramatic photos here. 

2. The London Eye

You don’t need to break the bank to get a photo with the iconic wheel. Head over to Jubilee Park, which is directly in front of the Eye. It’s a modern park with great views and no long lines to get to the Eye.

3. The Westminster Bridge

To get a photograph with a good view of The Palace of Westminster, I recommend heading over to the Westminster Bridge. You can get nice views from on the bridge, but it is usually quite busy with pedestrians, cyclists and double decker buses, so just make sure you are being conscious of others when taking photos here.  

Under the Westminster Bridge (in the area in front of St. Thomas Gardens), there is a little alcove which is popular for getting photos with a view of Parliament. There’s often a queue here for this spot, but if you explore the surrounding area (either side of the bridge), there are plenty of good spots for the view. As this area is a walkway, it is also quite busy with pedestrians, so you might need to hold occasionally for passers by. 

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