In the UK, we're no strangers to the rain and we certainly won't let a little drizzle ruin our day. When A&T visited London for a city break, they wanted to get some photos to remember their trip by.

So often the photographs from our holidays that actually feature our faces are selfies. Now, I'm not slagging-off selfies, but they have a time and a place. Getting some photos with a photographer on your holiday means you don't need to worry about who has the strongest arm for holding the phone up. With a photographer to guide you both, you can just focus on each other and enjoying the place you're visiting.

Having a photographer to guide you on a local photoshoot means that you might also discover some hidden spots. I love photographing by Regent's Canal in London. You get a bunch of stunning backdrops and it's just a really interesting place to be.

Now if the rain makes an appearance, fear not! A simple umbrella can save the day and the sprinkle of rain can actually make your photos all the more atmospheric.

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