It's time for a little throwback! Back at the end of 2021, when I decided I wanted to get into wedding photography the first two things I did were attend to an Untold Workshop and then I organised my own styled shoot at home to help build up my portfolio. I'd had a lot of experience photographing portraits and events, but had never focused on weddings.

The aesthetic I went for was minimalistic and modern. A bride who valued simplicity in her style. To prep for my shoot, I set up my backdrop in my dining room, unrolled some stick on wallpaper I'd found at B&Q, ordered a linen backdrop, bought some flowers and finally treated myself...I mean, purchased for the purpose of the photoshoot, a Carbickova Crown. I'd been eyeing up a halo crown on etsy for ages and finally, I had a good reason and good use for one. Note: wearing your halo crown around the house when you're feeling sad, does improve your mood.

With a simple cream slip dress and flowers purchased, I was ready and for a low budget, first time styled shoot, I was very pleased!

I worked with a wonderful model who I have had the pleasure of working with on several occasions. The shoot was spent playing around with different accessories and back drops and was just loads of fun. I'm forever grateful for this shoot to be my jumping point into building my wedding portfolio. I've since second shot at four weddings, booked three of my own and have shot several couple shoots. I look forward to seeing where my journey as a wedding photographer goes!

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